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Built to Last, Since 1956

Built-in America

At Martin Docks, we take pride in being a beacon of American craftsmanship since 1956. Choosing our services means embracing a commitment to quality that is synonymous with the proud tradition of building right here in America. Our dedication to manufacturing docks on American soil goes beyond mere geography, it’s a promise of excellence, accountability, and support to local communities.

It All Starts With The Frame

The cornerstone of our dock lies in the use of the largest and strongest main frame components, providing unparalleled stability in our docks. Unlike many other dock manufacturers that have “stick-building” operations and are purely focused on “manufacturing economics”, we stick to our heritage of building custom docks tailored to each customer’s lakefront needs and wants. Our technique focuses on quality, longevity, and durability. When you choose Martin Docks, you’re choosing a dock that stands the test of time – built strong so you can live easy.

Boat Docks

Boat docks are custom-built for each property to provide functional structures that are built to last. We construct high-quality docks with precise detail in the placement of each deck board and screw. Docks may be constructed from several different materials and attached to wood or concrete piles. Additional protective services are available to further enhance the look and performance of the dock.

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Find the Perfect Dream Boat System for You

Rhino Marine Systems Floating Boat Docks

You’re just as likely to find RhinoDock in a single slip, residential application as you are to find RhinoDock configured as a multi-slip, full-service marina at a resort, campground, or restaurant. RhinoDock is the best dock choice for smart waterfront property owners looking to add value to their home or income to their business. RhinoDock can be configured with, or without our premium roof system, and can accommodate nearly any layout design or any number of slip requirements. RhinoDock components are pre-engineered and designed to be incredibly stable, and the additional mass provided by our premium concrete decking makes it one of the most stable dock systems on the market.

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