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Dreamboat developed the first aluminum, welded-frame boat lift over 40 years ago and revolutionized the industry. Today, Dreamboat boat lifts are trusted everywhere to protect nearly every type of watercraft. We offer Vertical, Hydraulic, Pontoon and PWC boat lifts with a wide array of accessories to suit nearly any watercraft and waterfront.

Why Invest in a High Quality Boat Lift?

Enhanced Protection

Shield your watercraft from prolonged exposure to water, preventing damage from wake wear, marine growth and other environmental factors.

Convenient Access

Easily reach your boat for cleaning, maintenance, and repairs without navigating tides or currents, streamlining the process.

Heightened Security

Discourage theft and vandalism with the added security of a boat lift, making unauthorized access more challenging.

Increased Resale Value

Boost the overall value of your property by investing in a boat lift, offering potential buyers convenience and safeguarding for their watercraft.

Save Time

Trailing your boat to and from the water is time-consuming. We have both residential and marina solutions to get you on the water faster.

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Increase Property Value

Boat lifts increase convenience, enhance boat protection and can be customized to match the aesthetics of your waterfront property, contributing to increased property value.

New Boat Lift

Duratek Dealer

Martin Docks is pleased to partner with Duratek as an Exclusive dealer in Georgia, South Carolina, East Tennessee, and select lake markets in North Carolina and Alabama.

Expert Boat Lift Installation

While searching for a new boat lift for your home on Lake Lanier or any other lake, our team at Martin Docks is here to help you select the best lift for your lake lifestyle. Through our extensive knowledge of local lakes, our team walks you through the entire process to make sure you get the right lift for your specific situation. 

Infinity Boat Lifts

Complete peace of mind for you is our goal, and failure is not an option. Our boat lift technology is over-engineered for maximum stability, over-built for superior durability, and over-tested to ensure maximum reliability and performance to provide superior watercraft protection. Plus, we are a boat lift company, and one of the only manufacturers in the industry to offer welded construction, which not only increases stability and durability but provides for faster, easier installation as well. And finally, each boat dock lift offers a wide range of options and accessories to improve ease of use and make sure that you can maximize your time on the water.